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Why Choose Duraflex Suspension Bushes??

We have been asked on a few occasions now what is the difference between duraflex suspension bushes and our more expensive counter types the answer may not be expected but.....

The answer is very simple,  polyurethane is not only one compound-  there are several variations on the theme and is used in a wide range of industries not only automotive suspension bushes but other engineering applications and also a number of foam applications.  The chemistry is very complex and formulation of the urethane is key to achieving all of the physical mechanical properties for the application.

We have internally developed our Duraflex systems to achieve maximum performance in suspension bushes  with a large amount of physical testing to back this up.-

To give you an idea,  one of the most important features within bush manufacture is a property known as Secant Modulus ( otherwise known as Youngs Modulus),  this relates to the stress required to distort an elastomer at low elongation,  the more the flex for a given force the greater the play  in the bush resulting in  poor handling and ultimate failure, ( ever seen a gap between the crush tube and the bush - this is one of the reasons!!), This is scientifically known as plastic deformation of the elastomer.

Just to make things that little more complicated to operate over a large temperature range it requires  what know as a low Glass transition -  Melt Temperature  range (Tg -  Tm) otherwise will become brittle and fracture and utimately fail during the winter time or become very weak in the summer month, all these have been fully addressed with Duraflex systems to achieve optimum performance.

Duraflex bushes also have an elastomeric property that means the more strain the bush is under it actually gets stronger ( more force required to pull a shorter distance) very simliar principle to stretching a rubber elastic band but requiring several times the force.

Another favorite question is price -  we try to maintain a sensible pricing structure,  we don't do fancy bags or packaging ( it only ends up in the bin anyway!!)  hence we can keep our prices at a sensible level-  our delivery service may not be the cheapest but the failure rate is almost zero and every package via courier can be delivered within a 1 hour delivery window usually within a couple of days of order.

We manufacture our own bushes hence the large variety of grades and colours available, we are also one of the very few to be able to offer stainless steel inserts as an optional extra also manufactured in-house.

Hope this information has been useful to you should you require any further information please feel free to contact us via email or telephone.