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DURAFLEX supply custom polyurethane suspension bushes for most popular makes & models of cars, old classics and new cars. DURAFLEX Bushes – improve stability and reduce sway – will not perish or crumble – less likely to break down under hard driving conditions – not affected by petrol, oil or grease – easy to fit.

All our car suspension bushes are manufactured in The UK by Advanced Polyurethane Moulding Ltd by hand developed by our internal urethane chemist using the very latest polyurethane elastomer technology offering the very best high performance in wear, cut and tear resistance, whatever the conditions they are subjected to. Our polyurethane suspension bush moulds are steel ensuring no drift in dimensions of the finished articles. This is a premium product developed for premium performance of your car.

If you’re looking for suspension bushes, specifically for high performance cars, then you have come to right place. We can provide our specialist polyurethane bushes for classic cars, competition cars, European and Japanese cars, and much more.

We can offer standard fit suspension bushes for most car makes and models including BMW, Audi, VW, Ford, have a look over our website for a complete list. We can also completely custom build suspension bushes using our advanced polyurethane technology.

Why Duraflex Urethane systems?

Our elastomers are internally developed using the very latest polyurethane technology by our chemist with some 20 years R&D experience within the field​

Extensive Severe Testing


Manufacture of bespoke bush kits and Specific Kit car bushes for almost any size and shape. Send us your enquiry in Contact Us for a quotation